Lulaway Jobs

Working in tandem with ODA is Lulaway, a job portal with the aim to provide job opportunities to communities.


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Philip (Administrator for Lulaway Jobs)

Basically Lulaway provides a service where by people register at the center to access a list of available  job postings. When a candidate finds something they like and suitable for them, our friendly center administrator will guide them through the short process of applying for that post, after that the head office will take over and will notify the candidate of any further processing. Registered job seekers that cant anything at any given time are encouraged to keep on checking the list from time to time.

For those who don’t have matric, you are also welcome to register as we also got posts that its not a requirement,  just bring  your ID and R10 to register!

Documents needed when coming to resister are original or certified copies of

  • ID/Passport
  • Metric certificate + tertiary certificate or Diploma
  • Drivers License if available
  • Registration fee of R 10

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