Social Relief Projects

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Our Social Programmes are designed to promote the health and well-being of the community.

These programs are probably the most challenging services we offer because of the broad spectrum of social problems a community such as Olieven will come have, from domestic related issues to HIV and AIDS related issues.

Basically we identify cases in families and refer them to food banks, grants and also prepare meals for training beneficiaries. For cases that require a more professional intervention, a social worker will visit the family.

The Food Parcel and Food Bank Programme

ODA has over the years facilitated this government sponsored project as a means of alleviating hunger  to people by means of the temporarily rendering of assistance to them.  It is intended for persons in such dire material need, that they are unable to meet their or their family’s most elementary needs and  it is designed to help persons and families over the crisis period. There need to be a very strong element of empowerment  and development to the families  in order for them to actively take steps to improve  their situation  and to become independent.

  • the programme also runs a special dispensation for household affected by hiv/aids

The nutrition intervention provides an important source of food support to the most vulnerable patients receiving  treatment.  The food banks also store some supplementary food that contributes to increased dietary diversity for patients and their households. Given  the small quantity  being procured  it is important   to ensure that  the food parcels provided  to  people  on treatment   contain  some of the  supplementary  food items and that  they reach the intended  beneficiaries,  without   any duplication  of services.